October 2010: Third UK National CT dose survey

The HPA is conducting a third survey of CT practice covering the whole of the UK. The aims are to assess changes since the last survey in 2003, provide guidance for some recently established examinations, update existing examination specific national reference doses, and provide a baseline for potential follow-up optimisation studies.

The CTUG strongly supports this work, and encourages as many of our members as possible to participate.

HPA wish to collect from as many CT centres as possible information relating to twelve specific adult CT protocols and clinical indications, using samples of twenty patients for each protocol. Similar data are also requested in relation to paediatric head CT examinations, where sites have sufficient attendances, with patients being divided into three age ranges (reflecting significant differences in patient size and imaging technique).

Your help in participating in this voluntary survey is vital and very much appreciated. All data will be stored and managed appropriately. No site, centre or study will be traceable from publications or presentations that refer to the survey. All participants will be acknowledged and participation in the survey is a valid CPD activity.

Data collection can be either retrospective or prospective, at your discretion. The study period for each CT centre should typically be about three months, but longer for low frequency examinations and can involve up to one year of records where performed retrospectively. Two electronic files - a data collection form, and a spreadsheet for return of results are required for data collection. Please try to return spreadsheets of data to the HPA by April 2012.

Original contacts: Dr. Stuart Meeson and Dr. Paul Shrimpton.

Note: HPA is now Public Health England. Current contact at Public Health England: Sue Edyvean (sue.edyvean@phe.gov.uk)

Expected publication of the report from this survey: 1st September 2014.

Second National CT Dose survey

The 2003 NRPB/CTUG/ImPACT CT survey was published by the NRPB as report NRPB-W67, 'Doses from Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations in the UK - 2003 Review'. Click on the link to download the report.